Curriculum Secondary (Class 9 &10) Level

At secondary level, students evolve into self-directed and independent learners. The teaching-learning process comprises:

  • Organising concepts into manageable modules with effective learning outcomes.
  • Diverse and planned formative and summative assessments methods.
  • Implementation of remedial classes and peer help to ensure students reach the desired level of learning.
  • Practical approach to learning through brainstorming, visuals aids, graphic organisers, laboratory activities, etc. which help students with metacognitive learning and task-based learning.
  • Assisting children on their ability to aptly apply learning new contexts to become independent learners.
  • Using contemporary instructional strategies like differentiated Instruction, flipped classroom and project-based learning are used to make learning engaging and meaningful.
  • Students use technology for their assignments and presentation and even during their leisure.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in group discussions, presentations and team work for building their communication and collaboration skills, the needs of the 21st century.
  • Seminars and facilitation by subject experts take place at regular intervals to give the students an exposure to real-world work scenarios and requirements.