Curriculum Primary (Class 1-5) and Middle (Class 6-8) School Level

At Primary and Middle School Level, teaching-learning process comprises:

  • Stimulating and engaging with concrete level experiences.
  • Experiential and value-based learning using interactive classrooms.
  • Orienting students to ‘think’ and ‘learn’ rather than asking them ‘what to think’ and ‘what to learn’.
  • Activities based on the learning objectives derived from the curriculum.
  • Cross-curricular Projects wherein students use innovative tools and technologies; children work on projects individually and/or in groups. While the themes of these projects are from one particular subject, they deliver learning in multiple subject areas such as mathematics, science, languages, art and design, etc.
  • Focused on assimilation of essential life skills such as teamwork, role-playing, communication, negotiation, leadership, management and much more.
  • The School follows NO HOMEWORK policy for Classes 1 and 2 and limited home-based and meaningful extended learning activities for other classes.