Excel Public School, Mysuru is the realisation of the dream of eminent educationist and visionary, Prof. M H Dhananjaya, and Mr D Sudhanva the MD and CEO of Excelsoft Technologies, a global leader in innovative technology-based solutions for education and training. The School is run by Excel Education and E-Learning Trust, a non-profitable, charitable trust headquartered in Mysuru.

Since its humble inception in 2009, Excel Public School (EPS) has grown into an institution that is recognised for bringing about a transformation in school education, synchronous with contemporary global standards.

The founding principles of the school have been clearly laid out to serve as the guiding light for all the stakeholders; they are clearly communicated and practised to create and sustain an EPS culture among the members of the staff, students and parents. Emphasis is laid on value systems to create self-motivated, self-regulated individuals through various opportunities at school. This transforms them into sensitive and sensible individuals, empowered to make informed decisions and become the change agents for a better tomorrow.

The instructional strategies at Excel Public School are dynamic, contemporary and primarily constructivist, where technology plays the role of an effective enabler. Learning happens in a heterogeneous and inclusive ecosystem.