Curriculum Senior Secondary Level (Class 11 and 12)

  • The Senior Secondary programme envisions developing students into independent and successful thinkers, confident and creative learners and informed and responsible citizens, along with preparing them for their higher studies and future careers.
  • The program at the Senior Secondary Level is comprehensive, and aimed at ensuring that students are able to not only take their board examinations with confidence but also plan their future careers based on psychometric analyses.
  • Emphasis is laid on application-based learning through projects, experiments, discussions, presentations, etc
  • Research based projects, digital learning, problem solving, laboratory experiments, and library resources help to synergize their learning experiences.
  • Need based, individualized academic support provided to reinforce the concepts learnt and bridge the learning gaps.
  • Regular exposure to real time application of concepts and skills by practicing professionals serves as a conduit to achieving the learning outcomes.
  • The programme offers vocational subjects along with academic electives in order to cater to multiple intelligences and to explore new avenues and acquire pre-professional skills.
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