Excel Education and E-Learning Trust, Mysore
Excel Public School is run by Excel Education and E-Learning Trust, a non-profitable, charitable trust, an initiative of Excelsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Excelsoft is a global leader in innovative technology-based solutions for education and training. Excelsoft provides state of the art solutions for schools in the US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden and many other countries, working with some of the world’s best known organisation such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Harvard Business School, Pearson Education, Cengage Learning, Infinitas Learning and the Guardian Media Group. Excelsoft’s support enables us to deliver great learning experiences and to make our school an effective center of learning.

Prof. M H Dhananjaya (Chairman)
Prof. Dhananjaya has over four decades of experience in Education, Institution planning, Strategy and Management. He is the Director (Technical) at the JSS group of Educational Institutions and is the Chairman of Excelsoft. Being an eminent educationist, a strategic thinker and a professional executive, he has been instrumental in the setting up of a large number of educational institutions and implementing innovative pedagogical models in them. He was the Special Officer to setup VTU, and has been a member of several key committees at the State and National level.

D Sudhanva (Secretary)
Mr Sudhanva is the Managing Director of Excelsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. After teaching for a short period in a US University and working for companies such as Kirloskar and Wipro, he set up Excelsoft as a technology company focusing on innovative technology-enabled solutions in the education space. He has been a member of several Advisory Committees, Boards of Studies & Academic Councils, and a World Bank Consultant.

H M Prashanth (Correspondent)
Mr Prashanth is the Head of Strategy at Excelsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With expertise and experience in corporate learning and development, he has worked in various corporate functions at Excelsoft that includes business development, marketing and operations. He heads the educational initiatives (K-12) of Excelsoft.