Learning Events

The Learning Events at Excel Public School are structured learning experiences that go beyond the curriculum, covering themes from a wide range of subject areas. These events would be structured to form a part of a Series—

Technologies of the Future Series

  • Communication Technologies, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Robotics, Transhumanism, Transportation, Energy and Medicine
  • Earth System, Land Cover Investigation, Atmosphere Investigation, Hydrology Investigation and Soil Investigation.

Life Science Series

  • From Micro-organisms to understanding flora & fauna, forests (as part of the International Year of Forests - 2010) and Bio-diversity (as part of the International Year of Biodiversity - 2010).

Space Science Series

  • The Universe, Our Galaxy and Beyond, Understanding our Solar System, Space Missions, Celestial events—meteor showers, comets.

Physical Science Series

  • Force, Motion, Light, Sound, Energy, Mechanics.

Material Science Series

  • Minerals, metals, synthetic materials, properties of materials, reactions.

Mathematics Series

  • Measurement, Fun with Mathematics, Mathematics in nature, Vedic Mathematics.