Technology as an Enabler

The hallmark of Excel Public School is the blend of teaching-learning process with technology. The technology-enabled learning environment comprises Classroom Solutions, STEM Lab Solutions, Digital Interactive Books, Project-Based Learning Tools and Research-Based Learning Resources.

  • Classroom Solutions comprises Learning Management System into which lesson plans, question bank, assessment and evaluation system, portfolio and performance tracking system, lab solutions, digital resources, Digital Interactive books and Project-based learning systems are built.
  • Digital Interactive Books help to add digital content to the textbook, add notes, Internet and highlight important points as the child learns.
  • Project-Based Learning system is an innovative platform to foster analytic and creative skills and also enables teachers to assign interdisciplinary projects to students.
  • STEM Lab Solutions include use of Vernier Probes, Digital Microscopes, Robotics, Weather Station, Computer-operated Telescopes, Sky Scout and software like Stellarium, Celestia, Geogebra, Map Creator and Google Earth.